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We are a private investigator service in Huntington Beach, Orange County CA specializing in creative innovative methodologies that will save you time and money.  We can relate to your needs quickly, meaning you get professional efficient results, exhausting all of your due diligent needs!  We also offer pioneer experience for court pretrial, document review, and expert testimony consultation services for all Computer Forensics, Ediscovery, ESI and Data Recovery needs.

When your company or firm needs to gather delicate and confidential information for your case, Stealth Intelligence Group agents; many of which are retired law enforcement professionals, have the experience, resources and pride that guarantees you the best possible outcome for your investigation.

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When your company needs to gather case information but lacks the resources, Stealth Intelligence Group offers private investigation services.

Intellectual Property

Let us work together and help you build that successful case! We can save you time and money giving you exhaustive diligent results!


A cheating spouse creates turmoil in a marriage. If you suspect your spouse of infidelity, contact us to provide your definitive documentation.

Aerial Drone Photos & Videos

Aerial Eyes Productions strives to safely capture specialized 4K-1080p Ultra high-defintion aerial video and photography with breathtaking cinematography results.


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